Two nights ago I had a non lucid dream that a man took me and planned to make me a prostitute,me and another girl who i do not know.I was able to run away from him....
Now,last night I dreamed that I was waiting for a man (unknown to me in real life) to pick me up.We were going on some sort of camping trip..I didn't want to go and felt very nervous and anxious as if there was some impending danger if I went with him.In my kitchen was my father (who in real life is no longer living)..he was very drunk and could barely stand.
I was disgusted with his behavior and told him how I felt.I then began telling him about this camping trip and how I was afraid to go because 2 nights before I had a warning dream which was warning me not to go on this trip...my father looked at me and said clearly "Do not go with him!"

Please help.

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