WOW, lots of info. skimmed most of it.
I liked a lot of the ideas, and could really get behind them. Some of them could be used without a total relaunch revamp situation.

I love the idea of the Future Foundation becoming this big science organization, with the Fantastic Four in the center. I would love to see Reed, Stark, Pym, Parker, Banner, Dr. Nemisis, Dr. McCoy, and various Marvel scientists (not all at once), passing through the FF and banding together to help change the world.

I also LOVE the idea of the Ultraverse being brought into Marvel, I would make many of them Mutants since Ultravese had the Ultras (basically mutants). Prime would be like Marvel's Mutant version of DC comics Captain Marvel. I would make Prototype an Iron Man supporting character, a armored pilot from a rival company (eventually more companies would be able to create their own Iron Man type armor). 
I also would bring in the idea that Ultraverse used a lot where some of their Ultras (mutants) don't have any powers without an outside force, like Black Tom in Marvel or Prototype in Ultraverse. These mutants don't show any mutations without something like another mutant bringing it out or something.

I also love the idea of bring the rest of the X-men universe into the Marvel universe, they have become way to isolated. I came up with an idea a while ago where Cyclops was spear heading a campaign where he would draft out members of his X-men to different teams, trying to make sure that each team out there like the Avengers or the Fantastic Four had a mutant on the team.

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