Hello everyone,

I have a few questions regarding some ribbon cables and connectors that my friend and I have come across.

I was wondering if anyone could help me ID the "proper" names for these cables and connectors so I can find more of them to purchase.

With some googling for a 8 pin ribbon cable I was able to find something similar but I'm rather confused with the term of "Pitch" I see mentions of various numbers for example "1.27mm Pitch" So included is a picture of the cable next to a ruler, perhaps that might help ID the pitch of this cable? 

My friend attempted to measure and he thinks the pitch is ".75mm"

I already checked several informative articles on the web but cannot see the difference. Perhaps the biggest mystery is the connector type, as you can see they are a 8 pin staggered male connector with one side having an angled clip like thing that sort of indexes onto female connector. There does not seem to be any kinds of markings on them.

On a side note, my friend thinks these connectors are likely machine installed in the factory and its unlikely something we can install ourselves. Is he correct about that? or is there still hope we can install them onto the ribbon cables without some ultra fancy equipment?

We both have quite limited experience with electronics so apologies if this is a silly question.

Thanks In advance

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